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Welcome to American Fence Contractors Group

When you sign-up as a subcontractor, you sign-up as a valuable team member of our American Fence Contractors Group.

As a member, you will receive the following:

Endless Income Opportunities

American Fence Company focuses our marketing and sales campaigns around building an ongoing backlog of work.  With our advantage on material pricing and aggressive pricing, we keep selling and keep you working. 

You Need It.
We Have it.

We are prepared to support you by providing you with all the necessary tools and equipment you need to be successful.  You may borrow, rent or purchase whatever you need from us to assure you can keep working.  We also support you with vehicle and equipment repairs.  Using our fleet management staff, we will keep you on the road and in the field using our corporate mechanics. 

Stress Free Work

American Fence Company provides a stress-free business model.  You will not have to communicate with the customer.  Agree to do the work, perform the work and submit your invoice.  We take care of the rest. 

Cash Now!

Isn’t that what we all want?  American Fence Company agrees to pay your invoice within seventy-two hours of receipt.

Free Stuff!

We love to give away free stuff to our business partners.  Free apparel, safety equipment, and even tools and equipment when available. 

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Running a business is complicated.  Let us do the heavy lifting here for you.  We will work with top-notch insurance professionals to assist you in assuring you have all the coverage you need.  We will even cover the cost of these premiums so these do not hit your bottom line. 

All Aboard!

Get on-board with us in 1-2-3 quick steps.  Onboarding is fast and easy.  It will take you less than 10 minutes to complete our onboarding.

You Speak.
We Listen

Your advocate is our Director of Operations of Business Practices.  He is ready to hear what you have to say.  You may text, call or email him to express your concerns and we will respond and resolve your issues. 

How much will I make as an American Fence Partner Contractor?

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About American Fence Contractor Group

American Fence Company is one of the nation’s top ten largest fence contractors. Our buying power is considerable. It is for this reason that we are able to bid projects at a competitive market price and still have considerable funds to pay qualified subcontractors while still making a reasonable profit. This is not your typical contractor experience. We offer top dollar and above market opportunities to our contractors. In most cases, you will discover that contracting with us is far more profitable and rewarding than attempting to hang your own shingle and go it alone.

Want to be sure? We have provided four different but typical projects performed in 2022 by our contractors. Please take a moment and do your own math. You will quickly discover this is a real profitable opportunity.

As a Partner Contractor, you will benefit from a streamlined and prioritized payment system. Once you turn in your invoice, American Fence expects to pay you within 24-48 hours. If issues arise, your Partner AFC Branch Manager has dedicated resources to resolve your pay issues quickly.
Let us do the heavy lifting. Let us handle all the sales activities, paperwork, scheduling and collections. You do what you do best and get paid top dollar, guaranteed.